Nathan Jurevicius

Nathan Jurevicius
Since 1994 Nathan Jurevicius has worked as a freelance illustrator and artist for many international companies and publications.

His most acclaimed project to date is Scarygirl; the cute but slightly odd little girl who was abandoned late one night and is later found and brought up by a friendly octopus and guided by a mystic rabbit (Bunniguru). The world of Scarygirl is a vision that is filled with
psychedelic colours, dream-like compositions and heartfelt stories that recall fables and folklore from our shared cultural memory. The brand since its creation in 2001 has developed an underground following of fans throughout the globe through it's online comic,
numerous limited edition vinyl toys, designer products and traveling shows.
In 2004 producer Sophie Byrne of Passion Pictures (best known for its Gorillaz music clips) optioned Scarygirl . The property is now in active script and visual development for an animated feature film. Nathan has also completed his first graphic novel based on Scarygirl released by Australia's leading Independent publisher, Allen and Unwin and Last Gasp in the US.

Nathan in conjunction with Passion Pictures Australia released the Scarygirl online game. Since its inception the game has had over 1 million players and won numerous awards and accolades.